Free Guest WiFi

There is free Internet connectivity for all guests provided via high performance WiFi access available throughout the entire property.

High speed Wifi

Our Wifi is provided in both the 2G and 5G bands with access points throughout the property, so you should get the very best connectivity wherever you are on the property

Our wireless hotspot is free to log into but uses password protection and WPA2/AES encryption to secure your access.

As part of our child friendly services we provide a second hotspot that uses child friendly domain name filtering to reduce the chance of your children straying into areas of the web that perhaps you would rather they didn't see!

Reliable High Speed Internet Connection

Although we live in a very rural area we have done our very best to bring you internet speeds to rival that in most towns and cities.

Firstly we use the very latest 4G technology to deliver speeds of up to 50Mbit download and 30Mbit Upload; although this is data capped, so we have a fallback to an indepedent high speed wireless solution delivering up to 20Mbit download and 5Mbit upload speeds.  We also have the ability to failover to normal ADSL if we lose either of our other links.